Clinical Staff

GP Registrars

Those patients who know our practice well will realise that we often have one or sometimes “extra” doctors working with us, known as a GP registrars. They are doctors who are fully qualified and will usually have completed several years as a junior doctor in hospitals. The registrar has to undergo a period of further training to learn those special skills that he/she will need as a general practitioner and will be closely supervised. Our patients gain the opportunity to see a different doctor, replete with the latest ideas, but secure in the knowledge that their own GP is always in the background, ready with advice and help if necessary.

Practice Nursing

Our qualified team of nursing sisters:

  • Kay Lafferty (Lead Nurse)
  • Michaela Knight
  • Anne-Marie Goddard (Nurse Prescriber)
  • Sarah Moseley (Nurse Prescriber)
  • Claire Husband
  • Amy Pearsall

provide a wide range of care services including:

  • Health promotion, eg dietary advice
  • Dressings and removal of stitches
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Ear syringing
  • Contraceptive advice
  • Cervical smear
  • Immunisations both for children and travel, advice on precautions when abroad

the nursing team also undertake Chronic disease monitoring for asthma; diabetes; heart disease; and anti coagulation

Healthcare Assistant and Phlebotomy

Ksymena Stone our HCA undertakes a range of nursing support tasks including some dressings; BP monitoring; ECG’s and blood tests

 Danielle Marston our phlebotomist works weekday mornings seeing patients booked in for blood tests