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Careful And Cost-effective Prescribing

We have always taken great care to prescribe the most effective and safest drugs available, when they are required. Sometimes there is a big difference in cost between drugs that are equally safe and effective. Sometimes these are different drugs, whilst at other times they are the same drugs simply made by another company. Occasionally, therefore, we may suggest a change in your treatment, which may be to a more cost-effective drug. You can rest assured that any changes have been carefully considered in terms of both effectiveness and safety.

We may also give you a smaller quantity of medicines when you first start them, to make sure they suit you and avoid wastage. We would also
encourage you to buy some things over the counter, such as paracetamol. With the combination of these measures, patients can still have the full
benefits of the drugs they need, but we believe we should make best use of the money available for patient services.

Disabled Access

Access for the disabled is by the main surgery entrance. Toilets for the disabled are also provided.



Information forpatients due to have IUD/IUS fittings

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