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Careful And Cost-effective Prescribing

We have always taken great care to prescribe the most effective and safest drugs available, when they are required. Sometimes there is a big difference in cost between drugs that are equally safe and effective. Sometimes these are different drugs, whilst at other times they are the same drugs simply made by another company. Occasionally, therefore, we may suggest a change in your treatment, which may be to a more cost-effective drug. You can rest assured that any changes have been carefully considered in terms of both effectiveness and safety.

We may also give you a smaller quantity of medicines when you first start them, to make sure they suit you and avoid wastage. We would also
encourage you to buy some things over the counter, such as paracetamol. With the combination of these measures, patients can still have the full
benefits of the drugs they need, but we believe we should make best use of the money available for patient services.

Disabled Access

Access for the disabled is by the main surgery entrance. Toilets for the disabled are also provided.



Information for patients due to have IUD/IUS fittings


Information for Patients regarding Cervical Screening (Smears)

Foreword from Dr Amy Howell

This is one of the most effective cancer prevention tools the NHS can offer you and the program is thought to have saved over 5000 lives.    This is because the smear can detect abnormalities of the Cervix before they develop into cancers.  The NHS recommends that women between the ages of 25-54 years be screened every 3 years and then every 5 years from 55-64 years.

To arrange your appointment please either come into the surgery or phone 01527 62285 and ask for an appointment for your smear.  This will be carried out by one of the female doctors or by one of our nursing team led by Sister Kay Lafferty.

Appointments can be made throughout the day at a time to suit you but please ensure you are not bleeding at the time of the appointment – if you are we will not be able to perform the test.

If you want more information including information in other languages there is a lot on the Internet.  We recommend these two websites:


May we also remind you that the Dow surgery has a translation service – if you need this then please let reception know when you make your appointment.  May I stress that the translator will not be present when you have the test.

If you have any further questions or any concerns about your smear please arrange an appointment to discuss this with one of our team. 

I would encourage you to make time to attend for your smear; it really can make a difference to your future.

Yours Sincerely

Dr Amy Howell