Asthma Clinic

Thursday and Friday afternoons
We run regular asthma clinics within the practice. This allows us to give more time to discuss asthma, teach patients to control their asthma and to monitor their progress.

Diabetic Clinic

Thursday mornings
In our regular diabetic clinic we offer advice about diet and lifestyle, and the full range of medical checks to keep our diabetic patients in the best health.

Coronary Heart Disease Clinic

This clinic is run by the Practice Nurses in conjunction with the doctors. We aim to review our heart disease patients regularly to optimise their medication and to offer advice on lifestyle, diet and exercise.

Childhood Immunisations and Child Development Checks

Wednesday Mornings
We recommend full vaccination of pre-school children. Your doctor, nurse or health visitor will advise. Development and health checks are performed on all our under fives by health visitors and Dr Boon. General enquiries regarding children’s immunisations can usually be dealt with by our admin clerk, Isabel Slater.

Antenatal Care

All doctors see expectant mothers during normal surgery hours. Your first antenatal appointment requires a longer appointment with both nurse and doctor. We aim to prepare mothers well for this important and exciting event.

Immunisations For Adults

These are given by the Practice Nurse. We recommend that all adults are up to date with their tetanus booster. If you have never ad a tetanus injection, it is important for you to have a course of three injections. Any woman who might be thinking of having children should consider having a blood test to check that she is protected against rubella (German measles).

Holiday Vaccinations

Anyone planning holidays abroad should check with the Practice Nurses two to three months before they are due to travel so that we can make sure that vaccinations are completed in time.


If you are troubled by anxiety, depression, stress, relationship problems etc, and would like to see our counsellor at the surgery, please make an appointment with a doctor who will refer you.


We hold a family planning clinic on Monday and Friday afternoons, but all the doctors and three of the practice nurses provide advice on all means of contraception, including fitting caps/coils and implants. Teenagers are especially welcome. Anything you discuss with your doctor will be regarded as private, and will not be passed on to anyone—not even your parents—even if you are under 16.

Emergency Contraception

Emergency contraception (the “morning after pill”) is available from your doctor. If you need this treatment please ask the receptionist for an urgent appointment. The treatment is effective up to 72 hours after the event and up to 5 days for certain treatments but is best given as soon as possible.